Saturday, March 28, 2009

Night glow. Yay!!!

Last night me and my family went to the balloons over Waikato night glow. It was awesome

My favourite balloon had to be the black and yellow checkered one.

The highlight of the evening was probably seeing all of the balloons light up and the worst part of the evening was seeing that there was a tiny little bottle of coke for $4!!!!!!!

I thought that was a rip off!

I thought I'ld link this post to my jobs topic.

A balloonist.

I reckon it would be fun to be a balloonist because of the flying it would be soooo cool to just think "Hmmmm I haven't had a ride in my balloon for a while I think I should now!" ha ha.

If your a balloonist then you could even get famous by getting interveiwed on TV3 or something.

Imagine if Tyra banks just happen to be watching TV3 and thinks to her self Ohhhhhhh she's got talent I think she should be a model! Or imagine if a major sports star was watching and said hmmm I wonder if he's good at soccer We could really use a new striker! So if you plan on being a balloonist you will need patience, and a good attitude. If you are a balloonist yuo will represent Hamilton at Balloons over Waikato. So have fun out there
I rate this job 4/10

Pinky rules!!!!

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