Monday, March 2, 2009

ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!! CAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Wer'e going to camp soon (on Sunday!)

I'm packing this year my mum usually packs my bag but she always forgets stuff.

Like last year she forgot to pack my socks so my shoes were all sandy and wet from bushwalking and sand dunes. EWWWWWWW!

Another example was when we went to wellington and she gave me two forks and NO knife!ahhhhhhhh! It was a big pain when we had steak becase I hadto use my other fork to cut it! (it was sooooooooo hard)

But I still appreciate her tries (hee hee)

I can't wait for the burma trail abseiling and so on.

Oh where's my torch? OOPS did I write that down? OH WELL!!!

Thanks 4 reading


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  1. My mum used to pack my bag and I could not find my hat. It was at the very bottom of my bag.