Sunday, March 1, 2009

Fast food nowadays.(sigh)

Mcdonalds, burger king, K.F.C, and a lot more fast food joints aren't meeting the public's standards. For one example a man bought a big mac and was taking the pickles off the burger to find a few maggots crawling around on it. EWWWWWWWWW!! My friend also told me that her friend went to burger king to get a cheeseburger and saw a big pile of U.F.O (an unidentified object) In his burger! (the substance was green and slimy) YUCK!! It's not only fast food that is getting us all upset, it is also other types of food and drinks like

A lady found a baby bird's head in a packet of maggi peas.

A fly was found in a packet of bell tea.

My mum is always complaining about food joints forgetting part of her order or getting her order wrong and is always sooooooooooooo mad when she has to drive all the way back to get the rest of her order or a new one! (that dosen't usually happen to us though, because we don't usually eat fast food)

On the bright side they always handle their complaints well and give the people who complained some free stuff! YUMMY!

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