Thursday, February 26, 2009


Hi! Pinky here,

I don't really know what to write because my brain isn't really giving me any einstein ideas so I just decided to add a few really cool pics.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Hi! Pinkyhere!

What would you want for you birthday?

1. A nintendo D.S

2. An eletric scooter

3. A new pair of runnung shoes PLUS a soccer ball signed by your favourite soccer player.

4. A whole cricket set signed by your favourite cricketer.

5. A barbie doll ( hee hee)

6. A pretty large sum of money ( $70-$120)

7. Nothing ( ohhhhhhh I wouldn't want that!)

And which celeb would you want to come?

1. Miley Cyrus.

2. Rihanna.

3. Jordin sparks.

4. Jessica Alba.

5. Zac Efron.

6. Nick Jonas.

7.Michael Jackson (hee hee)

Please tell me your ansers in comments!

Thanks for reading!


Monday, February 23, 2009


Hi! Pinky here,

My sister is going on camp today!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (24th of Febrary) I'm going to miss her sooooooooooo much but I'm sure she is going to have soooooooooooooooooo much fun! I went there when I was 9 but I got sick and had to go home early and I was sooooooooooooooooo mad!!!!!! But hopefully she'll be luckier than me!

My sis got a new hannah montana jersey and P.J's!

There is apparantly a guy in her class that looooooooooooves hannah montana so he'll loooooooooooove her top and P.J's!

Anyway, Bye sis. I WILL MIS YOU!!!!!!!!!

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Sunday, February 22, 2009


Hi, Pinky here,

Did you know that I play golf?

Well, now you do!

I was introduced to the sport by my dad who used to be a profesional golfer but retired because he had, well, US!!!

I always do golf holiday programs and I am ACTUALLY one of the top ten girls, for my age group, in the Waikato!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Except my handicap is 38, but hey, I personally think that's pretty good considering iv'e only been playing for about . . . . . hmmmmmmmm . . . . . . . . . 9-10 months so thats almost a year.

I watched a golf tournament on the 22nd and saw that amatuer golfer "Danny lee" who is a new zealander, win the Jhonny Walker classic in Perth. WOW HE'S NOT EVEN A PRO YET AND HE BET ALL OF THE OTHER PROS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hopefully that will be me someday! Although he won, he didn't get to keeep the prize money of about $600,000 because he's not a pro yet. WHAT A BUMMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyway, if danny lee is reading this blog (which I'm pretty sure he isn't) I am a BIG fan and I want to be like you someday (except I would want to actually GET the prize money!!!!!!!

Ha Ha Ha

Thanks 4 reading!!!!


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The fairfield college riot!!!!

Hi, Pinky here, I have been hearing a lot about this big riot at fairfield college so I have decided to keep my ears open and find out what has really been happening.

My sources are the newspaper, news articles and pictures.

A lot of talk has been going around about this and some rumours are being spread are they true or are they false? You may be thinking, "why does this concern her?" Well my parents were actually thinking about sending me there. But you can imagine their answer AND reaction now that this has happened!

I looked up on the internet and found an interesting article/news story in which, OUR principal had something to say!

"She knows she has to improve the quality of education at the school because she has found out from the community that is concerning them."


"I think all schools need to look at themselves, look at the quality of education they are delivering and how they are controlling the behaviour of children in their schools Julie Small is trying to do all those things."

I have watched a few news stories about it and this is what happened

Fairfield college students were gathered round, outside the school protesting about julie small's way of teaching. Ms Small is only trying to help! Maybe they are just protesting because it is to hard for them, and they can't be bothered doing the work! Perhaps the new principal has higher standards and they aren't used to it or just can't handle it!

Another article mentioned

Head of the Maori department Watson Pita, tried to stop T.V camera's from filming the students, who refused to return to class while chanting, "SAY NO TO SMALL!!!!"

Apparantly the students are angry because they want to be able to HELP make the school decisions but theyr'e not.

So who is the victim in this story?

Principal : Julie small


The students?
Who want a say in this situation and want to be treated like adults (although some of them aren't)

Find out more on

News channel websites


or the news.
Thanks for reading

Save the polar bears!

Polar bears are going extinct! These poor fluffy creatures are dying out FAST!!

Some of the reasons are........

  1. Global warming

We all know of this tradgedy all of the ice is melting and so the polar bears are stranded with nowhere to live

What causes this!

Well, good question the cause of global warming is US!!!!! We use too much of our resources for example


and electricity.

Another reasons is poachers.

They catch these poor bears and sell their fur for money and are constantly doing it

Again, and again and again!!!

Seeing as I'm just a child I can't do much to help this tradgedy but I know that a little thing here and there has big results in the future for example

Take shorter showers,

Use less electricity

and think before you act!!!!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Petting zoo!!!

Hi! Pinky here did you know that on the weekend we are taking my baby brother to the petting zoo!It will be soooo cute watching my one year old brother gasping and staring at the pets. He looooves pets He calls cats "Kakas" He calls dogs "kakas" and he calls ducks"kaka's" so it's kind of confsing understanding which one he means!!!! I really love my brother because he's got a really loveable heart. He just comes up to you and hugs you randomly! So anyway I can't wait until saturday!!!!!!!!!

My woodmonsta ( mwah mwah mwaaaah)

Hello everyone this is my wood monsta. I know it's not perfect but still, I tried my best here is a picture of her.

Her name is wheeza ( that is also her favourite saying!) She loooves hiding among all of the "berries" in the woods and when she needs to get places she uses her berriemobile Which she stores piles of leaves. She haaaaates water if she dosnm't stay at least a metre away she freeeeaks out (kind of like the gremlins do!) She snacks on the berries she lives among and calls them berrylicious bites! Wheeza is nocturnal she only ever comes out at night to meet her friends boog and bug. (they are berry beetles aswell. Wheeza is a bit of a party animal and neeever goes to bed on time Boog and Bug call her the "life of the party" and she agrees!!!!! Wheeza has a pretty bad lisp and can't keep her tounge in her mouth!!!! ( As you might be able to see in this picture below. wheeza's defence is her powerful scream and can temporarily defen a grown adult if she screamsWWWWWHHHHHHEEEEEZZZZAAAAA loud enough or she can just hypnotises them with her CrAzY eyes!! Even though she does sound dangerous at times she is actually a big softy and a warm hearted sweetie. So from me, wheeza and boog AND bug we would like to say WWWWHHHHEEEZZZZAAAA!!!!!!

Brainz R cool!!!!

Hello fellow woodmonstas (and guests) I ahev been doing some research on the thing we call "brains" or as the scientists like to say.

"Encephalon" I have found out that the brain is divided into three main parts.

The brain stem

Which is in charge of all the basic body functions for example heart beat regulation

The cerebellum

Which is responsible for our balance and muscle co-ordination


The cerebrum

Which is made up of two distinct hemisphers and is in charge of higher things like our thinking and emotions and speech. I'm also pretty sure it is like a layer over the brain. Kind of like the icing of our brain!!!

It is also the largest part of our brain.

SO . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Our brainz are fascinating! Did you know that in class a few days ago we were talking. Can you guess what we were talking about? That's right. Brainz. And the nervous system. And did you also know that we were experimenting eith our nervous system? Mr woody held a $20 note in front of us and we had to hold our hands in a pinching position to get ready to catch it and NO ONE could do it ( except for one person and I will tell you why soon) Our nervous system is controlled by or brain and when we need to use our body parts ( for example hands) our brain sends a little message through our nervous system ,to our hands but by the time he's dropped the note it's too late! So the only way you can catch it from that position is if you take a wild guess of when it's going to be dropped! which is what that other person did) So that's why our brains are so fascinating!

P.S I am a first-timer on this blog stuff so if I have something wrong with it please tell me in a comment!!!!


Yours sincerely


Monday, February 9, 2009

what!!! No recycling bins?

Hi, Pinky here did you know that my school, has no recycling bins!! I am running for class concillor and if I get chosen I will get lots of recycling bins. I think recycling is very important to keep it green!! I pretty sure recycling also helps with global warming and pollution. At my old school we were an enviro school.So if there is any F.I.S students reading this VOTE FOR ME!!!!!!!!!!!

My first blog. OMG!!

Hello world!! This is my first blog I assure you I will have some interesting things here soon so keep your eyes peeled and wait for cool new stufText Colorf that will blow you away!!!