Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The fairfield college riot!!!!

Hi, Pinky here, I have been hearing a lot about this big riot at fairfield college so I have decided to keep my ears open and find out what has really been happening.

My sources are the newspaper, news articles and pictures.

A lot of talk has been going around about this and some rumours are being spread are they true or are they false? You may be thinking, "why does this concern her?" Well my parents were actually thinking about sending me there. But you can imagine their answer AND reaction now that this has happened!

I looked up on the internet and found an interesting article/news story in which, OUR principal had something to say!

"She knows she has to improve the quality of education at the school because she has found out from the community that is concerning them."


"I think all schools need to look at themselves, look at the quality of education they are delivering and how they are controlling the behaviour of children in their schools Julie Small is trying to do all those things."

I have watched a few news stories about it and this is what happened

Fairfield college students were gathered round, outside the school protesting about julie small's way of teaching. Ms Small is only trying to help! Maybe they are just protesting because it is to hard for them, and they can't be bothered doing the work! Perhaps the new principal has higher standards and they aren't used to it or just can't handle it!

Another article mentioned

Head of the Maori department Watson Pita, tried to stop T.V camera's from filming the students, who refused to return to class while chanting, "SAY NO TO SMALL!!!!"

Apparantly the students are angry because they want to be able to HELP make the school decisions but theyr'e not.

So who is the victim in this story?

Principal : Julie small


The students?
Who want a say in this situation and want to be treated like adults (although some of them aren't)

Find out more on

News channel websites


or the news.
Thanks for reading


  1. hey pinky i watched it with my mum and she said no way was i going there!

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  5. Lilrocsta is right my mum said exactly the same thing! :)

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