Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My woodmonsta ( mwah mwah mwaaaah)

Hello everyone this is my wood monsta. I know it's not perfect but still, I tried my best here is a picture of her.

Her name is wheeza ( that is also her favourite saying!) She loooves hiding among all of the "berries" in the woods and when she needs to get places she uses her berriemobile Which she stores piles of leaves. She haaaaates water if she dosnm't stay at least a metre away she freeeeaks out (kind of like the gremlins do!) She snacks on the berries she lives among and calls them berrylicious bites! Wheeza is nocturnal she only ever comes out at night to meet her friends boog and bug. (they are berry beetles aswell. Wheeza is a bit of a party animal and neeever goes to bed on time Boog and Bug call her the "life of the party" and she agrees!!!!! Wheeza has a pretty bad lisp and can't keep her tounge in her mouth!!!! ( As you might be able to see in this picture below. wheeza's defence is her powerful scream and can temporarily defen a grown adult if she screamsWWWWWHHHHHHEEEEEZZZZAAAAA loud enough or she can just hypnotises them with her CrAzY eyes!! Even though she does sound dangerous at times she is actually a big softy and a warm hearted sweetie. So from me, wheeza and boog AND bug we would like to say WWWWHHHHEEEZZZZAAAA!!!!!!

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