Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Brainz R cool!!!!

Hello fellow woodmonstas (and guests) I ahev been doing some research on the thing we call "brains" or as the scientists like to say.

"Encephalon" I have found out that the brain is divided into three main parts.

The brain stem

Which is in charge of all the basic body functions for example heart beat regulation

The cerebellum

Which is responsible for our balance and muscle co-ordination


The cerebrum

Which is made up of two distinct hemisphers and is in charge of higher things like our thinking and emotions and speech. I'm also pretty sure it is like a layer over the brain. Kind of like the icing of our brain!!!

It is also the largest part of our brain.

SO . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Our brainz are fascinating! Did you know that in class a few days ago we were talking. Can you guess what we were talking about? That's right. Brainz. And the nervous system. And did you also know that we were experimenting eith our nervous system? Mr woody held a $20 note in front of us and we had to hold our hands in a pinching position to get ready to catch it and NO ONE could do it ( except for one person and I will tell you why soon) Our nervous system is controlled by or brain and when we need to use our body parts ( for example hands) our brain sends a little message through our nervous system ,to our hands but by the time he's dropped the note it's too late! So the only way you can catch it from that position is if you take a wild guess of when it's going to be dropped! which is what that other person did) So that's why our brains are so fascinating!

P.S I am a first-timer on this blog stuff so if I have something wrong with it please tell me in a comment!!!!


Yours sincerely


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  1. Wow! What a great blog post. I love how you write in your own words and there is a sense of your "voice". Well done. You have an engaging and enthusiastic energy to your posts.
    The research you have done is marvellous. I can only suggest that you include a link to your research sources if they are online, or details of any books you have used.
    Welcome aboard!