Sunday, March 29, 2009

More careers!

Hi! pinky here!

Today I have chosen to focus on a career as a Chef.

Apart from all of the awesome cakes and savoury food they make there is also a lot of stress involved.

Just imagine, having to do over 100 cupcakes for a selfish teenager's sweet sixteen and finding out that she wanted orange, not red.

Ahhhhhhh! That would be soooo stressful!! But it would also be really fun watching the joy on people's faces when they taste your mastepeices.

I think that a chef needs, Dedication, Patience, talent, determination and needs to be goal orientated.

I rate this job with a 7/10

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  1. Did you say you were going to do one on profesional golfers?
    That would be really cool & I look fowaard to reading more "Job posts"...

  2. I know, I am going to do that last seeing as that is my fav.