Monday, April 27, 2009

The "swine flu" outbreak.

As basically EVERONE already knows, the "swine flu" is in New Zealand.It has come from the city of Mexico. In class, we wrote our own articles about the flu. I thought I would do the same thing here. Tell me what you think.

In the crowded city of Mexico, a virus know as "swine flu" has evolved. The flu is caused by pigs getting sick and passing the sickness down to us, humans. Unortunately, there is no cure so far for the "swine flu", and it would take a few months to find one.

The flu started in Mexico and there has been at least sixty eight people that have died there. In california there have at least seven cases of the flu. In texas at least two. And in New York there have also been at east two. There have been two possible cases in the Waikato, the two patients have been in New Zealand for two weeks now. Students from two colleges on Auckland's North Shore are still waiting for word on whether they have contracted swine flu after visiting Mexico where more than 100 people have died from the virus. A 25-member party from Rangitoto College and a group including 14 students from Northcote College returned from Mexico at the weekend, some of them with flu-like symptoms

Anyone who might have "swine flu" has been quarantined in thir hoses until further tests and information.

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