Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Age Group Championships!!

Hi! Pinky here!

Today ( 17th of April 2009) I played in the Waikato age group championships for golf. My dad acted as my caddie! I didn't pay him though. Watching my success will be enough for him!!

I played a whole twenty seven holes! Which was a lot for me seeing as I have only just started playing seriously for six to seven monhts

I faced two other people, a thirteen year old and an eleven year old. the thirteen year old was on an eighteen handicap and the eleven year old was on a thirty three, I am on a thiry eight but I bet the eleven year old with the thirty three handicap! OH YEAH! hee hee!

I hope to lower my handicap down to about thirty in the next month! I just need to work on my chipping and putting so I can get a better score. My dad told me that if I get my putting and chipping good then I will improve by a lot, because thats what is letting me down. SO WISH ME LUCK!


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  1. That is sooo coool - well done. :-)
    I played golf yesterday and beat my mates. My highlight was chipping in from off the green - very cool!